Nissan Land Glider Concept Car Dominates the Passion of Flying While Driving

The new Nissan “Land Glider” still a concept car stole the imagination of the Tokyo Auto Show recently, as well it should. It’s really hard to say if this concept car is actually a car or a motorcycle. It does have four wheels, but the driver and passengers sit in tandem, and it is said to feel more like a glider or flying an airplane then it is driving a car.As the driver sits in the cockpit, they have excellent visibility. When making a turn the car banks just as if it was an airplane making a turn. Although, it drives like a motorcycle, it cannot be considered a motorcycle because it has four wheels. Best of all, the vehicle is electrically powered using ion lithium batteries, which are located at the lowest point on the center of gravity.Nissan claims that this vehicle will be excellent for “urban mobility” and anyone that sees one immediately would love to have it. Despite how small the car is, it is also very strong, and almost bulletproof as the project design coordinator claimed at the Tokyo auto show. Nissan’s name of this new vehicle “The Land Glider” fits in every essence of the word.If this vehicle is ever sold in the United States, it will be the hot ticket. And as the oil prices go but up due to the Chinese buying more and more oil, US consumers will have no choice but to buy smaller vehicles, or go electric. As more people drive small vehicles, everyone will feel safer, and having an electric car will be the hot item. As far as I’m concerned the “Nissan Land Glider Concept Car” is the perfect innovation for future transportation. Please consider all this.

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